Green Waste Energy Inc. is a privately-held US-based developer of Advanced Recycling and Energy Conversion plants, formed in 2009 and registered in Delaware.

The founders of GWE contemplated the current and growing problem of waste management and the ramifications of dwindling fossil fuel supplies, and formed GWE to turn the problem of waste management into a green energy solution.

They scanned the market for viable advanced recycling and energy conversion technology solutions. After extensive research and due diligence, they determined that Prestige Thermal Equipment (PTE), with its deep expertise in thermal engineering had the best-of-breed approach in thermal conversion and pyrolysis technology. The founders of GWE and PTE formed C6 Technologies Inc. to patent and license proprietary advanced recycling and energy conversion technologies developed by PTE.

The GWE team has many years of directly applicable experience involving energy production, project finance, engineering, power plant development and business management.

James D. Burchetta, Esq. - CEO, Founder

Mr. Burchetta was the co-founder, CEO of Debt Resolve, Inc., an American Stock Exchange company, based on his patent for a state-of-the-art process for online debt resolution. Mr. Burchetta also has 10 years of experience in renewable energy, as a former board member of a W2E company and wind power company. Previously, he was a Senior Partner at the New York law firm of Burchetta, Brofman, Collins & Hanley, LLP.


Ronald J. Rosa - President, Founder

Mr. Rosa is currently chairman of GWE and also managing director of a successful chain of restaurants in the NE US. He is a successful entrepreneur and investor in numerous businesses. He has a wealth of contacts in the local and national government and business communities in the US.


Joseph Kerecman – COO and CTO

Mr. Kerecman is a Senior Executive with extensive experience in the electric utility and energy sectors. He has a demonstrated capability in launching new ventures and growing businesses, with an extensive network of contacts and relationships throughout the energy and environmental markets sectors, government sector, as well as within the investment community.

 He was formerly Managing Director of APX Inc. responsible for business and legislative development activities to expand its presence in domestic and international renewable energy and greenhouse gas markets. Prior to APX  Joe held various positions in power project development, project and construction management at ECP,  Exelon,  PECO Energy, Raytheon Engineers & Constructions, and Bechtel.